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The History of Science Library consists of three main components: a special collection of digitised rare books and manuscripts, a Zotero-powered Warburgian Library of multimedia resources from monographs to online exhibitions, and four Notion-powered, instantly updated databases hosting new books, new exhibitions, and time-sensitive academic events and news.

Special Collections

While the main collections of the History of Science Library are online, we also have physical Special Collections of rare books and manuscripts. The History of Science Library’s Special Collections were founded in 2022, based on the private library of Xinyi Wen, founder of the HSL. Our collection is not large at the moment, but it is under systematic development.

The Special Collections of the History of Science Library currently focus on early modern natural history, medicine, and occult sciences, particularly books with unique annotations or enhancements. Our collection includes one of the surviving less than ten copies of Wolfgang Ambrosius Fabricius’s treatise on the doctrine of signatures, Ἀπορημα βοτανικον: de signaturis plantarum (1653), a copy of the first edition of Levinus Lemnius’s book on the herbal allegories in the Bible, Similitudinum ac parabolarum (1568).

We also have several books with interesting provenance stories. In our collection, you will find an eighteenth-century Moleskine: a copy of the popular almanac Rider's British Merlin (1729) bound with parchment pockets, filled with the owner’s memoranda, bills, and recipes. Our most recent acquisition was an author-corrected copy of Histoire des plantes vénéneuses de la Suisse (1776), given to the author Philippe Rodolphe Vicat by the publisher and botanist Joseph-Ferdinand Lex, a friend of the renowned Swiss physician Albrecht von Haller.

As a library dedicated to Open Research, we aim to make our collections fully digitised and open access. We have already digitised some of our featured collections, which you can view at All our digitised images are licensed under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 International License.


Special Collections Catalogue

Our Special Collections are catalogued in our main Zotero library, under the category of Special Collections.


Digitised Special Collections

Our digitised collections are freely available on Omeka.


A Warburgian Library

Founded in July 2020, the History of Science Library holds a collection of over 26,000 items, with a focus on early modern science and knowledge, but are not limited to those areas. The library is organised under a thematic classification system, highlighting scholarship in ways of knowing and practicing.

Updates of the collection are regularly posted in the form of annotated bibliographies. Explore each floor to learn more.

Library Map.png

Library Map

A visual representation of the library's components and their connection.

Classification System.png

Classification System

Learn how we organize our collections




Our independent creative projects



The HSL team created four Notion databases to manage scholarly information internally. As the amount of information grew, we decided to make them available to our readers so that more people could benefit from it. Please keep the databases and try different views as needed.

New Acquisitions.png

New Acquisitions

Contains books and other publications that have been circulated in the past three years or are slated for publication.

New eResources.png

New eResources and Exhibitions

Provides resources that only manifest their function on electronic devices. 

In this context, "new" refers to previously undiscovered resources, so the release date is not restricted.


CfP & CfA

Summarizes information on calls for papers and applications.

Note: It is intended as a collection and reminder, and specific application requirements and deadlines should be checked on the corresponding website.


Seminars and Conferences


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